5 Common Air Pollutants You Might Be Exposed to At Home Right Now

Did you know that there are pollutants in the air in your home right now? We often don’t think of them as they are difficult to detect. But indoor air pollution is a real threat, especially to the respiratory system. Indoor … Read More »

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How Does Mould Grow? 5 Habits To Keep that Icky Stuff Out of Your Home

We all know that mould is a fungus that grows where there is moisture, and we’ve all heard horror stories of toxic mould in our homes. But what are some ways we can prevent or avoid it? Before we answer … Read More »

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7 Risks Your Home is Exposed to After a Flood

Recent intense storms and changes in weather patterns attributed to climate change mean that we are receiving more water and flooding than before. If your home has flooded, take the time to learn about the associated risks. Standing water and … Read More »

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What Is Asbestos And Why Is It Dangerous?

What Is Asbestos? You might know asbestos as the material used in old bullet-proof vests. But did you know that it can be found in your home? Asbestos is a mineral with the structure of thin fibrous crystals. It was … Read More »

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Where Can I Find Asbestos in My Home

Do you think your home needs asbestos testing? Newmarket, Barrie and Toronto’s homes can still contain this harmful substance. So where can you find it? Lots of places. It’s best to not go looking for it on your own. If … Read More »

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How Do I Know if I have Mold in My Home?

Is your home due for mold inspection or mold testing? Barrie’s homes do contain this hazard, so it’s important to be aware of it and address it. A professional air quality test is always the best solution, but there are … Read More »

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Timmins Mine and Mill Open After Asbestos Removal

Two Timmins sites are open for business again after closing for asbestos removal. Toronto and Barrie’s businesses should be just as aware of the dangers of asbestos exposure as people in the Timmins area now are. Northern Sun Mining Corp. … Read More »

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Caledon Community Still Seeking Air Quality Test Answers

We know the importance of air quality testing to people in Barrie, Newmarket and Toronto. So we can only imagine how frustrated the people in Caledon, Ontario feel. Earlier this month, Caledon Enterprise reported that many in the community are … Read More »

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Origins Face Cream Recalled Due to Mould

Mould isn’t just harmful in the air, it’s also harmful in household products. As experts in mould testing in Barrie, Toronto and Newmarket, we would like to warn you that a popular face cream has been recalled due to mould … Read More »

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Saskatchewan Passes Mandatory Asbestos Reporting Act

Asbestos reporting can be just as valuable as asbestos testing. Barrie, Newmarket and Toronto residents have a right to know if their building has ever been tested for asbestos. Saskatchewan has set a great example for the rest of Canada, … Read More »

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