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How Do I Know if I have Mold in My Home?

mold testing BarrieIs your home due for mold inspection or mold testing? Barrie’s homes do contain this hazard, so it’s important to be aware of it and address it.

A professional air quality test is always the best solution, but there are other telltale signs that you should get tested.

A History of Water Damage or Flooding
This is a big one. If your home has been damaged by water or moisture of any kind, you’re at very high risk of mold.

Visible water stains are a dead giveaway.

A Smell in the Air
If you don’t know what mold smells like, you can probably guess. It’s a musty, damp smell. This odor is always a warning that you should get an air quality test ASAP.

Something That Looks Like Dirt
Unfortunately, a lot of people have visible mold staring them right in the face, but they mistake it for dirt or soot on the walls. Don’t be fooled. That stain could be a sign of something far more dangerous.

Respiratory Problems
We hope that it doesn’t reach this point. But if someone in your home is having unexplained chest colds that won’t go away, or any other type of respiratory issues, it’s time to get an air quality test ASAP.

If you have any questions about mold inspection or mold testing, Barrie’s experts can help. Contact us any time.

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