Air Quality Tests Ordered at Algonquin College

If people in your business or home start feeling sick, it might be time for air quality testing. Barrie, Newmarket and Toronto have access to world-class testers and equipment, so you can feel safe knowing you’re in good hands. You … Read More »

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Company Pays $6 million to Keep Asbestos Testing Secret

We take asbestos testing in Toronto very seriously. Cutting any corners or doing anything less than a perfect job is worse than unprofessional—it’s dangerous. We recently came across a story of one wildly irresponsible company that paid millions to keep asbestos problems … Read More »

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Company Fined $25,000 For Failure to Train Worker in Asbestos Removal

Asbestos removal is dangerous work. This is why we make sure all of our employees in Toronto, Newmarket and Barrie are trained in accordance with all Ministry standards, as well as the best practices to ensure their safety. There are … Read More »

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Mold Testing Shuts Down Ottawa’s Sandy Hill Arena

Here’s a cautionary tale for businesses in Toronto, Newmarket and Barrie: Mold testing should never be put off. An Ottawa area arena has been shut down until at least October, due to issues with mold. Earlier this week, CBC reported … Read More »

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What is Mold? Why is it Dangerous?

It’s unfortunate that many people don’t call for mold testing or mold removal until they already have a problem; Mainly because most people don’t really know a lot about it. What is Mold? Molds are fungi that are found both … Read More »

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Vaughan Landfill Site Fined $40,000 for Asbestos Waste Violations

We all know the dangers of having asbestos in your home or office. It can lead to serious health consequences. However, there are serious financial and legal consequences for not disposing of it safely and correctly. Earlier this month, Ontario’s … Read More »

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How Old Does a Home Need to Be To Contain Asbestos?

Age, isn’t always the determining factor in deciding if your home contains asbestos. It’s true that newer homes may be less likely to contain any traces of asbestos, but that’s not a given. In the late 1970s, it became widely … Read More »

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Where Can I Find Asbestos in My Home?

Even in this day and age, it’s still concerning how many homes that you find asbestos in. It’s hidden, odorless, and very dangerous. So where can you find asbestos in your home? You want to be aware of what’s in … Read More »

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5 Signs Your Business Needs an Air Quality Test

Your employees are your most valued asset and protecting their health always needs to be a major concern. You do all the right things like taking fire drills seriously and making sure everyone washes their hands. However, you may not … Read More »

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