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Where Can I Find Asbestos in My Home?

Even in this day and age, it’s still concerning how many homes that you find asbestos in. It’s hidden, odorless, and very dangerous.

So where can you find asbestos in your home? You want to be aware of what’s in your:

Cement products

Asbestos can be mixed with cement—sometimes in as large portions as one third of the mix. You might find it in your cement floors, wall cladding, or even gutters.

Floor tiles and textiles

You might be walking on asbestos every single day. It can also be found in many floor materials. Be particularly weary if you’ve covered an old floor with carpet

Ceilings, walls and beams/columns

It’s still very common to find it here, in both homes and businesses.

Insulating board

This used to be a common fireproof material. So you may still find it in partition walls, fire doors, soffits and window panels.

Lagging and insulation

It can be found it and around your piping. It might be painted and tough to spot, which makes it even more dangerous.

Between cracks in floors and walls

This loose asbestos used to insulate between walls and in floors. This is typically very loose and very dangerous.

These are only a few places you might find asbestos in your home. But never assume anything. If you have even a suspicion that your home may contain any traces of this air born danger, please contact one of our trained staff members to investigate.

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