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How Old Does a Home Need to Be To Contain Asbestos?

Age, isn’t always the determining factor in deciding if your home contains asbestos.

It’s true that newer homes may be less likely to contain any traces of asbestos, but that’s not a given.

In the late 1970s, it became widely known that asbestos is extremely hazardous. It was especially dangerous because it was everywhere—in our homes, in our schools and even in our hospitals.

Canada has no ban on asbestos. In fact, we are still one of the world’s major exporters of the material. So it still exists. You may still be in danger, even though using asbestos containing materials has been obviously shunned by contractors for years.

Other countries around the world have banned it. In Australia, its use was phased out over a few years and mining ceased in 1983. It was eventually banned entirely in December 2003.

It’s dangerous to assume that if your house was built in the 80s (when asbestos’ danger was revealed) you’re free and clear of any harm. Without a formal ban in place, many homes in the 80s were still built with materials containing dangerous amounts of asbestos.

Even if your home was built in the 90s, you still may be at risk. If you’re planning to any sort of renovation that includes knocking down walls, removing fixtures, or replacing pipes or floorboards, have your home checked. The act of moving or disturbing asbestos-containing materials makes them more dangerous, as this releases loose particles into the air.

If you have any reason to believe your home contains asbestos, please contact us right away.

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One Response to How Old Does a Home Need to Be To Contain Asbestos?

  1. Prince says:

    I will be moving to Toronto in a older home. Who do I contact to see if Asbestos exist? and how much does it cost to have the home inspected?

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