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Mold Testing Shuts Down Ottawa’s Sandy Hill Arena

Mold testing keeps your business open

Mold testing keeps your business open

Here’s a cautionary tale for businesses in Toronto, Newmarket and Barrie: Mold testing should never be put off. An Ottawa area arena has been shut down until at least October, due to issues with mold.

Earlier this week, CBC reported that mold has forced the city to shut down the Sandy Hill Arena. The arena undergoes maintenance every summer and routine air testing came up with mold.

It’s always best to have your air quality tested as often as possible, so you can detect an issue before you have a major problem. Putting it off can cost you the use of your business (or beloved hockey arena, in this case) for weeks at a time to have the problem fixed properly.

“We’ve lost about 250 hours total, between all [three] of the associations,” said Norm Sharpe, a district chair of the Ottawa District Minor Hockey Association.

“We at least know that this facility will be closed until October,”

“But it could theoretically be closed for the full season, for full remediation. But we’re hopeful to see some hockey here, or some skating, before the winter arrives,” said Coun. Mathieu Fleury.

If you live in Toronto, Barrie, or Newmarket and have any questions about mold testing or removal, please contact us at any time.

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