Why We’re Still Finding Asbestos in Federal Buildings

asbestos removal

Asbestos was recently found in the Canada Revenue Agency’s Ottawa Technology Centre at 875 Heron Road in Ottawa. The CBC reports that Denis Lapointe, an electrician who worked there for 16 years, only recently found out about the asbestos despite … Read More »

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Need an Asbestos Testing Kit? 4 Facts You Should Know Before You Buy On

Used widely in building products in Canada from the early 1900s until the late 1970s, asbestos is among the most dangerous substances that has the potential to impact our daily lives. Use has declined significantly in Canada since 1979 thanks … Read More »

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Yes, These Health Problems are Caused by Mold

There continues to be significant confusion on the subject of mold in the home and its impact on home residents. If you’re still unsure on how mold makes you sick, it’s important to complete research on the latest studies in the … Read More »

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4 Questions About Asbestos You Were Afraid to Ask

Asbestos has become a much-discussed topic within the modern Canadian home. But unfortunately, there has been limited dissemination of professional guidance for today’s Canadian homeowners. It’s imperative that property owners understand each element of the asbestos control and eradication process. And … Read More »

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Why Every Family Needs Bacterial Screenings After Flood Damage

What is the first item you think about when you consider flood damage? You might consider the damage a potential flood would cause to your basement. You might also consider how the flood would impact the structural stability of your … Read More »

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Why Do I Need to Hire a Professional Asbestos Inspector?


The value of real estate across the country continues its incremental rise, almost on a weekly basis. This increase has led many to consider adding to their property through a home renovation. For those with older properties, there is often … Read More »

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Four Dangerous Myths About Asbestos

The dangers of asbestos are now well known throughout the general population. We now know that asbestos, although a naturally occurring mineral, can cause several health conditions if inhaled or ingested. It’s the reason that it’s so important that we … Read More »

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If Your Windows Sweat Due to Condensation, Your House Might Get Mould


Mould inspection companies deal with a multitude of issues during the wintertime. One of the most common challenges they work to resolve is condensation on windows. This condensation is the result of warm air within the home and cold air … Read More »

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Is Asbestos Hiding in Your Vinyl Flooring?

asbestos testing for vinyl flooring

Vinyl floor tile and sheet flooring were favored choices for homebuilders and owners beginning with the 1950s housing boom. They remained popular until the 1980s, when health concerns over asbestos emerged. Vinyl sheet flooring is considered the most dangerous product due to its … Read More »

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Is Mold Testing for Renters Your Landlord’s Responsibility?

mold mold testing for renters

One of the less enjoyable aspects of apartment living is mold testing. Whether you suffer allergies, have water stains on your ceiling, or see actual mold in moist places, the costs of mold testing for renters generally falls to the … Read More »

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