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Why Every Family Needs Bacterial Screenings After Flood Damage

What is the first item you think about when you consider flood damage? You might consider the damage a potential flood would cause to your basement.

You might also consider how the flood would impact the structural stability of your home. But there’s another problem area that can be impacted significantly after a flood damage event: your health. Millions of people around the world are impacted by bacteria due to floods each year. Within this article, we’ll explore the bacterial danger that floods can present within your home.

Pathogens Present in Flood Waters

Recent studies in the healthcare field have prompted hospital managers to analyze the way in which they plan for floods within their facilities. A study on HAIs (Health Associated Infections) by specialists Anucha Apisarnthanarak, David K. Warren and Clovus Glen Mayhall came to the following conclusion:

“There is some evidence to suggest an increase in the incidence of several HAIs, particularly those due to Legionella spp., nontuberculous Mycobacterium spp. and fungi following extensive flooding that has damaged and/or contaminated healthcare equipment and infrastructure,” the specialists explained.

In addition to potential bacterial pathogens, property owners are also at risk from mold within their property after a flooding event. Mold spores can develop quickly after a flood event occurs, and their presence can have a growing impact on the health of the individuals within the property over time.

Chronic mold exposure can lead to problems such as asthma and allergies. There is also growing evidence linking indoor mold exposure to upper respiratory tract infections.

The Benefits of Bacterial Screenings

In the immediate aftermath of the flood event, it’s the ideal time to begin testing the property for potential bacterial growth. Bacterial screenings completed by professional local flood response teams can help mitigate post flooding infections and can help isolate problem areas within the home to ensure the property is completely free of dangerous bacteria.

Flood damage within your home can also impact your personal belongings. For example, research shows that home items such as CDs and tapes can be susceptible to mold and bacterial growth. A flood restoration specialist will conduct a complete sweep of your property and harness leading-class bacterial screening systems to ensure that all forms of contamination are removed. The specialist can also outline safe and unsafe actions during the flood damage cleanup process.

Contact a Bacterial Screening Specialist to Protect Your Family

A simple call to a local flood restoration and bacterial screening specialist can prevent long-term health challenges for your family after flood damage occurs. Make the call today and ensure your family home is safe for many years to come!


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