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What House-Shoppers Need to Know About Mould Damage

Mould Damage

Mold damage is one of the most difficult types of issues to deal with as a homeowner because of how well the fungus spreads and survives throughout moist spots in the home. When shopping for a home, it’s essential to avoid properties that are susceptible to mold damage. The toxicity of mold ruins health, houses and sharply reduces the value of homes.

Insurance Issues

As well as being notoriously difficult to remove from homes, mold also tends not to be covered by household insurance should you discover it after you move into your home. The only time mold removal would be covered is in the case where it’s a result of another type of damage covered by your policy. If you live in an area that’s flood prone, causing mold, you’ll need to acquire insurance specific to that type of threat to your home.

Potential Signs of Mold

When you visit a home that you’re considering purchasing, you should keep an eye out for potential signs of mold. Watch for subtle signs of watermarks and work recently performed on drywall, which might be a sign that the seller is trying to cover something up. If a room smells musty and damp, there’s a good chance that it’s susceptible to mold.

Chicago real estate attorney Kurt Stammich said that when selling a house “it is fraud not to disclose pertinent information or to improperly disclose situations that took place in the past.” To increase the value of a home, sellers might have quickly slapped some drywall on top of a recurring problem. It is important that you perform due diligence before making the final decision.

Deteriorates the Health of You and Your Home

Mold affects the health of young children the most, causing permanent health damage to children who would normally be completely healthy. Studies have found that exposure to mold at a young age can result in the development of asthma, especially in the case where the child is genetically susceptible. At the very least, mold exposure usually results in itchy skin, stuffed airways and other allergic types of reactions.

Mold Removal

If mold is not removed, it can flourish under paint, behind new drywall and anywhere else where moisture gathers and collects. At its worst, mold can persist to the point where it causes permanent damage to the structure of the home, referred to as a “sick home”. Don’t risk the health of your family and your home. Contact the certified mold specialists at Assurance Environmental for inspection, testing and, when necessary, the removal of this toxic problem.

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