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Asbestos Removal Information

Just as there are many forms of asbestos, there are various methods of management and/or removal of asbestos containing material. Asbestos is regulated in Ontario by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. As such, asbestos removal operations must be carried out by certified asbestos abatement contractors as per Ontario Regulation 278/05.

Asbestos removal procedures fall under three categories; Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3. Each of these procedures requires different provisions for the removal of asbestos and will be determined based on the type and/or amount of material to be removed. Ontario Reg. 838, RRO 1990 (as amended by the University of Toronto) defines the three classification of asbestos work based on the hazard they present: Type 1 Operations A Type 1 operation is defined as one that does not generate appreciable levels of airborne asbestos and generally presents little hazard to workers or bystanders. An example of this is the installation or removal of limited quantities of bound asbestos products such as vinyl asbestos floor tiles. Type 2 Operations Type 2 operations are small scale activities which may generate enough airborne asbestos to require protective equipment, but are short lived. Short lived activities are less than one shift for any single project. An example of this would be minor maintenance or repair work above false ceilings where sprayed asbestos fireproofing is present on beams. In accordance with guidelines issued by the Ontario Ministry of Labour, minor removal means the removal of up to nine square feet of wet friable material. For a length of pipe, minor removal must not exceed 21 linear feet, even if less than nine square feet of material is involved. Type 3 Operations Type 3 asbestos operations are generally large scale activities which may generate significant airborne asbestos levels, may occur frequently, are of longer duration, and may pose a serious risk both to workers and to bystanders. An example of this is the major removal of friable asbestos during building renovations or before demolition. Major removal means the removal of more than ni

Assurance Environmental Inspection Services Inc. is not an asbestos removal company, but an inspection specialist. Our services will provide you with a scope of work that satisfies provincial requirements following the most appropriate methods tailored to meet your individual needs. We will also provide you with on-site project monitoring ensuring work is be conducted with the utmost concern for occupant safety while complying with governing regulations and specifications.

We also provide post-abatement clearance testing and reporting after removal of ACM to ensure concentration of airborne asbestos fibers in work area meets or exceeds acceptable governmental standards. If the presence of asbestos in your home has been confirmed, immediate steps should be taken to ensure the personal safety of your loved ones and self. Please contact us to help with the removal of asbestos containing material, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our customers.