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Mold Removal - Be aware free inspections offers

When it comes to the health of your loved ones and yourself, no risks should be taken that might result in a worst case scenario. The saying "You get what you pay for" applies precisely to those willing to risk personal safety to save costs. Many mold removal companies offer “Free” inspections; with the condition that if mold is detected they will be the ones performing the remedial work! Free inspections consist of visual observations only, meaning that the root cause of the mold contamination will be undetermined.

Mold removal companies expertise and interest lie in mold removal first and consulting second. Their one-size fits all approach to indoor mold contamination of simply removing material may result in costly and elaborate removal procedures that are completely unnecessary. Just as there are many types of mold, there are many strategies and procedures for rectifying indoor mold contamination issues. Without identifying the root cause of contamination and providing corrective measures mold growth will re-occur.

Upon completion of the contamination removal process, the mold removal company may conduct their own verification sampling to demonstrate that work is complete. Such sampling involves the inspection and re-testing of building areas that have undergone remediation to ensure it was successful. This is like letting the fox guard the hen house. It is never a good idea to let the contractors who performed the mold removal, perform their own post-remediation verification. If traces of mold remain, despite claims it has been removed, any moisture may cause regrowth. In addition, mold spores from the remains of dead or dormant mold will continue to be released into the air, resulting in serious health and safety risks.

Assurance Environmental Inspection Services Inc. is not a mold removal company and has no stake in how much (or how little) material is removed. Our single focus is to provide you with cost effective solutions that address your particular indoor air quality concerns. At AEIS Inc. we only have your best interests in mind and because we work for you, not the mold removal company, no job is complete until we say it is.