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Asbestos Testing

Assurance Environmental Inspection Services Inc. staff are certified asbestos workers that conduct asbestos testing using their training and experience along with state of the art technology to properly detect and identify presumed asbestos containing material in a home or building.

Prior to 1985 asbestos was used in many construction building materials such as pipe lining, plaster walls and insulation to name a few. The Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act define asbestos containing material (ACM) to be material that contains 0.5 per cent or more asbestos by dry weight. However, the mere presence of ACM’s does not necessarily pose a substantial health risk; ACM that is intact and in good condition should be left alone. In some cases, a proper management plan is better than the actual removal of AMC.

If your home was constructed prior to 1985 you should have asbestos testing conducted before you commence any renovations; if you are considering purchasing a home constructed before 1985, you should have an asbestos survey conducted to avoid any future surprises. Most home inspections may not always identify materials in home that may potentially be asbestos containing.

Owners of commercial properties and residential complexes with 6 or more individual units should refer to sections 7 and 8 in the new Ontario regulations that came into effect November 1, 2006. As an owner or property manager you need to know your responsibilities. Call Assurance Environmental Inspections Services Inc. today for an Asbestos Survey of your building and property.

Assurance Environmental provides the following asbestos testing services:
  • Identification of potentially asbestos containing material
  • Air and Bulk Sampling
  • Sampling with analysis by third party lab
  • Designated Substance Survey required as required commercial properties
  • Vermiculite Insulation Testing
  • Same day analysis available.
Bulk sampling of presumed asbestos containing material (PACM) is the most common practice of obtaining samples for asbestos testing. A minimum of 3 samples are required for each different type of PACM. A piece of the PACM is physically removed and sent for laboratory analysis.

Just as exposure to asbestos fibres may occur during renovation and construction process, exposure may occur during sampling process. At Assurance Environmental, we implement the highest degree of care and the safest methods of extraction to minimize potential exposure and protect your health.

We never recommend a client obtain their own samples of material suspected of containing asbestos for analysis; always use the services of qualified professionals.

At Assurance Environmental, we implement the highest degree of care for our clients by providing the safest methods and equipment available to minimize potential exposure to airborne fibres during sampling.

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