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Mold Inspection

Assurance Environmental Inspection Services Inc. has conducted hundreds of mold evaluations providing our expertise in mold assessment for a variety of clients including homeowners, property managers, insurance companies, financial institutions, attorneys, developers, and contractors.

Upon contacting AEIS Inc. you will be greeted by friendly, courteous and knowledgeable staff that will conduct a brief consultation to determine the potential mold contamination you may be experiencing. If it is determined that a mold contamination issue exists then an inspection will be recommended.

A professional inspection consists of three components:
Visual inspection
A qualified inspector will go through each accessible area looking for signs of water damage and intrusion or indoor mold contamination using a variety of highly sophisticated and specialized equipment to identify and map out areas of concern.
Upon completion of the visual inspection, the consultant will devise a sampling strategy. This may consist of using a clear piece of tape to lift a physical sample off a surface, or it may involve obtaining air samples whereby the indoor concentrations of airborne mold spores are compared to an outdoor sample. The number of samples required to gain a true perspective of the conditions in a home or office space may vary; however, the consultant will not conduct any sampling until the client has been advised and approves of the sampling strategy.
Scope of Work
A detailed report designed and tailored to fit your unique needs is prepared in a timely manner. The report will outline findings including interpretation of laboratory analysis, corrective measures and recommendations for the safe abatement of indoor mold contamination adhering to industry leading guidelines and protocols.

Verification clearance reporting is conducted upon completion of contamination removal to ensure work performed is successful and that affected area has been returned to its original and acceptable state. Are you looking to have a professional inspection completed for your home? Contact us or request a quote by filling in the form above.