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AEIS Inc. specializes in addressing and resolving indoor air quality issues such as mould, allergens, asbestos and other hazardous materials providing expert consultation to residential, commercial, and real estate clientele.

We have assessed hundreds of properties for insurance companies, financial institutions, attorneys, developers, contractors, homeowners, and building owners providing them with successful solutions for addressing their particular environmental concerns and needs.

Mold Specialists Mold Inspection: Assurance Environmental Inspection Services Inc. has conducted hundreds of mould evaluations providing our expertise in mould assessment for a variety of clients including homeowners, property managers, insurance companies, financial institutions, attorneys, developers, and contractors. Mold Testing: Using home test kits to search for mold will only tell you what you already know; mould is present in your home. The only way to uncover what type or level of mould is living in your home is to have a professional environmental consultant check your house for mould. Mold Removal: We are not a mold removal company and have no stake in how much (or how little) material is removed. Our single focus is to provide you with cost effective solutions that address your particular indoor air quality concerns. At AEIS Inc. we only have your best interests in mind and because we work for you, not the mould removal company, no job is complete until we say it is.

Asbestos Specialists Asbestos Testing: Assurance Environmental Inspection Services Inc. staff are certified asbestos workers that conduct asbestos testing using their training and experience along with state of the art technology to properly detect and identify presumed asbestos containing material in a home or building. Asbestos Removal Information: We are not an asbestos removal company. Asbestos removal procedures fall under three categories; Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3. Each of these procedures requires different provisions for the removal of asbestos and will be determined based on the type and/or amount of material to be removed. Assurance Environmental Inspection Services Inc. will provide you with a scope of work that satisfies provincial requirements following the most appropriate methods tailored to meet your individual needs.

Bacterial Screenings Flooding: Flooding may occur from many sources, such as from extreme thawing of snow, severe rain or from water supply pipes. Although the flood water may appear clean it may in fact be contaminated with bacterial and other contaminates depending on its source. Consultants at AEIS have in depth knowledge of the S500 and S520, working with hundreds of clients to ensure their home or business is returned to a pre-loss state. Sewer Backups: Assurance Environmental Inspection Services Inc. provides quality services and testing to ensure that conditions have been returned to an acceptable pre-loss state. By using an independent third party lab, the client is assured that their best interests are being protected. Sump Pump Problems: Contact an independent environmental consulting firm such as Assurance Environmental Inspection Services Inc. to ensure the emergency response team sent by your insurance company has correctly determined the source and category of water and have formulated the proper clean-up procedures.