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Yes, These Health Problems are Caused by Mold

There continues to be significant confusion on the subject of mold in the home and its impact on home residents. If you’re still unsure on how mold makes you sick, it’s important to complete research on the latest studies in the field. Within this article, we’ll explore the impact that mold in your home can have on the health of those living inside the property.

Immunological Problems

Mold can cause significant immunological reactions, such as asthma and allergic rhinitis. We also know that contact with mold spores can cause the skin condition dermatitis. Researchers widely believe that these conditions are due to the immune response to fungal agents. Among the most common allergic reactions caused by mold are cough, congestion, and runny nose. These types of health issues can occur whether you have been exposed within the home or through exposure within an office setting.

Toxic Health Effects

The toxic effect that mold can have on human health is represented by numerous health symptoms. For example, you might suffer fatigue, headaches and nausea as a result of exposure to mold. However, some might find it difficult to outline their symptoms. And the information from the latest Mold Remediation Guidelines points to this lack of clarity on illness symptoms:

“Some of the symptoms related to fungal exposure are non-specific, such as discomfort, inability to concentrate, and fatigue.”

The more prolonged your exposure to mold, the more severe your symptoms are likely to become. For example, some have reported suffering the abrupt onset of fever symptoms and respiratory issues in the hours following an exposure event. Some studies have also linked mold with pulmonary hemorrhage/hemosiderosis in infants less than six months old. This highlights the importance of effective mold analysis and removal for all family homes.

Infectious Diseases

People in immunosuppressed conditions have been known to contract infectious diseases as a result of direct mold exposure. For example, Aspergillosis has been known to be caused by mold exposure. However, most healthy people are unlikely to suffer these types of effects.

Who is Most at Risk of Mold’s Health Effects?

It’s important to consider not just how mold makes you sick, but also how it impacts those in and around your home. Children less than 12-months-of-age and those recovering from recent surgery are more likely to suffer from mold-related health problems. Should a mold issue be discovered in your property, it’s important that those most at-risk are removed until the remediation process has been completed.

By gaining a greater understanding on the ways in which mold makes you sick, you can become better prepared to protect your family against mold’s long-term effects. To learn more, contact your local mold remediation company directly.

Do You Suspect You Have Mold?  Consider a Professional Inspection

Mold is a problem that can have lasting negative health consequences for those living within the property. Identifying whether you have mould isn’t a simple process, and you can’t take any chances.
At Assurance Environmental Inspection Services, we have conducted hundreds of mold inspections, both before and after mold is removed.  We provide a detailed report that outlines our findings including interpretation of laboratory analysis, corrective measures and recommendations.  Learn more about our qualifications, and request a quote to learn about how we can help you deal with any mould you may have.

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