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Four Dangerous Myths About Asbestos

The dangers of asbestos are now well known throughout the general population. We now know that asbestos, although a naturally occurring mineral, can cause several health conditions if inhaled or ingested.

It’s the reason that it’s so important that we continue to learn more about the mineral and uncover the myths surrounding its use and its effects. Within this article, we’ll take a look at four particularly dangerous myths concerning asbestos and its use around the country.

1. Asbestos is Banned by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

This pervasive myth has become widely accepted in recent years. Unfortunately, asbestos has not been banned by the EPA. Although the EPA did ban the product in 1989, this ban was then overturned in 1991. This means that asbestos can still be used in the manufacture of products within the United States, as long as the product contains less than 1 percent asbestos.

The EPA and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) now regulate the use of asbestos and work to protect citizens from direct exposure to the mineral.

2. You’re Only at Risk of Cancer due to Prolonged Exposure to Large Amounts of Asbestos

The latest EPA data shows there’s no safe level of asbestos exposure. Exposure to large amounts of asbestos on a daily basis has been shown to increase your risk of developing cancer and many have even developed asbestos-related cancers after a one-time direct exposure to large amounts of the natural mineral.

There is also a risk from secondary exposure, as explained in this recent article from

“Secondary exposure, which can occur by inhaling asbestos fibers from someone’s work clothes, is also responsible for causing mesothelioma.”

3. If You Find Asbestos in Your Home You Should Remove it Immediately

While asbestos containing materials should be removed from the home, the job should be left to the professionals. Only professional asbestos removal specialists have the equipment and the experience to understand the dangers inherent in the asbestos removal process.

Certified contractors can also help you analyze the risks involved in the removal and determine whether the property is safe for your family over the long-term.

4. All Asbestos is Dangerous and Can Cause Health Issues

Asbestos is not an easily categorized substance. The mineral occurs in many different forms and the risks posed vary considerably depending on the type of asbestos.

The most dangerous forms are the crocidolite and amosite forms asbestos. They have been banned for many years, although they are still found in older homes. Speak directly with an asbestos removal specialist if you suspect any form of asbestos is in your home. Only experts have the technology to determine the level of danger.

Professional asbestos removal specialists can keep your home safe and explain the truth behind many of the leading myths surrounding the subject of asbestos in the home. If you suspect an asbestos problem, speak with your local specialist directly.

Are You Concerned That Your Home Has Asbestos?

If you suspect that you house might have asbestos, you’re going to need professional help. Dealing with asbestos needs to be done properly, and there is no way to cut corners.

At Assurance Environmental Inspection Services, we have helped countless homeowners accurately identify whether they have asbestos, which in turn leads to asbestos removal recommendations.  Our certified asbestos specialists will use state-of-the-art technology to properly detect and identify presumed asbestos containing material in your home, so you can confidently renovate and/or resell your home.  Request a quote, and gain peace of mind (and a healthier home).


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