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10 Reasons to Think Twice About DIY Demolition

house demolitionWhen you are considering beginning a remodel or renovation, it may be tempting to tackle the project on your own. Unfortunately, because it is easy to get in over your head, hiring a professional should be at the top of your to-do list.

Here is a list of ten reasons to avoid doing any invasive work yourself, and should instead consider hiring a professional:

1. No Warranty

When you tear down walls incorrectly, or have issues with them later, you have no recourse. However, when you hire specialists, you’ll have a good warranty to fall back on.

2. Saving Time

While you may have seen a million DIY shows on television, they only aren’t whown in real time. A general contractor will not only know how long it is going to take, but their experience generally will cut that time considerably.

3. Meeting Deadlines

Most homeowners have no experience creating a construction schedule, much less keeping to one. A professional will be able to keep your project on schedule, ensuring a timely completion of your renovation or remodel.

4. Accountability

When your project does not have an expert in charge, you cannot hold anyone but yourself responsible if problems arise. For example, a damp pipe or moist wall may not seem like much to worry about, but a professional should know there may be mold lurking in the walls that needs to be addressed.

5. Insurance and Liability

While your DIY project may be covered under your homeowners policy, doing your own demolition that leads to damage or injury may not. Professionals are bonded and insured for that very reason. If they do shoddy work that compromises the structural integrity of your home, they can be held liable.

6. Asbestos Issues

Even what may seem a minor project such as removing a popcorn ceiling can be dangerous for the average homeowner — asbestos may be in your ceiling treatment or walls. Asbestos removal needs to be performed by experts. While doing demolition work without proper equipment, containment and ventilation, the inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma, pneumoconiosis, and interstitial fibrosis.

7. Saving Money

While doing a construction project on your own may appear to initially save money, hiring a pro can save in the long run. Some of those savings are the result of:

  • Most homeowners severely underestimate the total cost of the renovations. A professional will estimate the entire cost of your project, working within your budget.
  • A good contractor knows how to choose the appropriate materials needed, in the proper quantities. In addition, they may receive industry discounts not available to a homeowner.
  • An expert can identify issues that need attention, such as structural support, or asbestos removal.
  • Most homeowners have to rent or purchase specialized tools. Home improvement specialists have an arsenal of equipment and tools at their disposal that are required for each job.

8. Knowledge and Experience

Years of training enable your contractor to make your demolition run smoothly, on budget and on time, resulting in a higher quality finished product. They can easily identify what materials they are removing, and anticipate projects requiring specialized work, such as asbestos removal.

9. Codes and Permits

You are probably not experienced with codes, pulling permits or dealing with inspections. A professional handles all aspects of obtaining permits, ensuring compliance with current building codes

10. Clean up

Demolition creates mess. If not properly contained, the dust and debris can quickly be spread through your whole home. Contractors keep rooms sealed properly during renovations, and clean up when the project concludes.

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