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20 Great Tips to Keep your House Clean and Ready for Spring

Mold NewmarketThere are a lot of ways to go about spring-cleaning. But you might find that if you maintain your home on a regular basis, you will not have to do a huge cleaning binge every spring. Here are 20 great cleaning tips to help you keep your house clean and ready for the spring.

In The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. There are a number of things you should do on a regular basis.

1. Sanitize the Sink
Your sink is likely one of the most bacteria ridden places in your home. Use disinfectants and sanitize and clean the sink on a regular basis.

2. Wipe Out Dishwasher
Though the dishwasher is a self-cleaning device, it still gets dirty. Wipe out the excess food and sanitize it weekly before it starts to stink up the kitchen.

3. Zap Sponges
If you use sponges to clean or to wipe up tables, you should microwave it on high for a minute every night. This will help disinfect it so you can use it without worrying about spreading germs even more.

4. Maintain Oven
If you want to keep your oven from becoming a greasy nightmare, line it with a nonstick oven liner. You can wipe it up with a paper towel or even stick it in the dishwasher.

5. Wipe Counters Daily
Dust tends to accumulate on counters, whether you use them often or not. Daily maintenance will help keep up the air quality in the house.

In the Bathroom

Bathrooms, understandably, have plenty of dirt and grime in them and should be maintained on a regular basis. This ensures the health of your family and prevents mold.

6.Use Bath time as Clean time
When you kids take a bath in the evening, use the time while they are playing in the tub to wipe down the counter, mirrors, toilet and floor. You can chat with them while you prevent mold.

7. Shine Doors
You can shine the glass doors in the bathroom by rubbing lemon oil into them a few times a month. The oil makes the water bead up and roll away so they are easier to maintain.

8. Swish the Toilet
Even if you do not have time for a full scrub, drain a little toilet cleaner into the bowl and flush it to keep it smelling better.

9. Wipe sinks
If you have a lot of long hair in your house, wipe the sinks out regularly to avoid clogs.

10. Sweep Floors
Bathrooms get littered with bits of toilet paper and other items and should be swept regularly.

In the Bedroom

Bedrooms tend to get cluttered quickly, but these tips can help.

11. Make your Bed
Keep the room looking neat with a made bed.

12. Organize drawers
If the drawers are organized, more will fit in them and there will be less need for clutter on top.

13. Keep Only Essentials
If you have too many products near the bed, keep only the things you use on a regular basis and store the rest in the bathroom.

14. Pick Up Floor
Place a few baskets under the bed for storage so nothing is laying on the floor.

General Cleaning

15. Make Time
If you give yourself even 10 minutes a day to clean a certain room, you will be surprised at what you can get done.

16. Multi-task
The next time you are on the phone, straighten up while you chat.

17. Sticky Roll
Use a sticky roller on the couch and other furniture to remove dust, hair, and other residue.

18. Organize Your Front Door
Put a bin near the front door for shoes, jackets and other items that tend to spread out.

19. Spend time in Hot spots
You know where the home gets the dirtiest. Spend more of your time on those areas and simply maintain the others.

20. Focus on Storage
If clutter is an issue, think about storage solutions to help.

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