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How To Deal With Sewer Backup?

When your home’s sewer blocks, you need to conduct bacterial screening as soon as possible. You may have the problem fixed afterwards by a plumber or if it is a problem you can handle, the better. Use of protective gears like gloves is very useful when dealing with sewer problems. Mostly, the backups occur due to presence of foreign bodies in the sewer pipes.

Call a Bacterial Screening Company

Do not panic when you find your sewer pipes blocked. Take the first step by calling a bacteria screening company before you do anything else. All water usage should be stopped until the safety of the environment can be ascertained. This is to ensure that your family is not in danger of bacterial infections. Sewer blockages are a big avenue to bacteria infestation and you should not take the risk.

How to Deal With a Sewer Backup After Bacterial Screening

  • Determine the cause of the blockage– the cause of the blockage should be determined before it is removed. It is advisable to stop using the water until the situation is solved. If you find the problem to be a simple one, you can handle it by yourself with plungers and drain cleaners. However, if the problem is complicated you may need to call an experienced plumber. Otherwise, you may end up causing more damage to the system. You do not need to have dirty water all over your home; just call the expert.
  • Call an experienced plumber– blockage arising from grease, hair and tree roots needs a professional plumber. They use video inspection to determine the cause of the backup and the extent of damage done. It is after this diagnosis that they come up with the best possible method to clear the sewer. Usually, sharp rotary tools are used to destroy the clogs and be drained out of the pipes. The plumber needs to be gentle so as not to cause further damage with the pipes, which may end up adding to the cost. It is better to ensure that the whole sewer pipes are inspected for any other foreign bodies that may cause clogging in the near future.
  • Repair crushed pipes: ensure that the plumber leaves the sewer pipes in the best condition possible. This is a good time to have any problem fixed including repair and replacement where possible.
  • Run test the pipes after unblocking– once the foreign material is cleared and the damages fixed, you should run a test by draining water into the sewer system. If the water flows smoothly, then the problem has been dealt with completely. If there are still some blockages, the plumber needs to further explore for other clogs in the system until it is fully cleared.
  • Prevent future backups– avoid the dumping of grease, cloth, tree parts and any other foreign bodies in the sewer system. This way, you will be sure to reduce future expenses on bacterial screening or having to deal with sewer clogging.

Sewer backups is a health risk not only to your family but also your neighborhood. As such, its important to call the specialists as soon as possible.

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