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A DYI Don’t: Leave Asbestos to the Pros

asbestos removal

For the better part of a century, asbestos was used in everything from ship building to brake pads to fireplaces, with its fire resistant properties being used to protect homes and homeowners from fires, to reinforce concrete and as an insulator in electrical equipment.

It was then discovered that exposure to asbestos fibres cause a variety of health concerns, including multiple forms of cancer, like lung cancer, mesothelioma (chest cancer) and asbestosis, which causes scarring of the lungs and impacting on breathing.

Asbestos Still a Problem

Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of asbestos used, it still remains a viable risk to health, with an estimated 10,000 deaths every year in the United States due to exposure and related illnesses.

It was seen as a miracle fibre, used in almost every aspect of everyday life, all over the world. It is in fact still used extensively in countries like India, where it’s worth an estimated 2 billion dollars. It is now outlawed in Europe and elsewhere, while the US and Canada have curtailed its use.

Asbestos in Your Home?

So, you have a property that used asbestos before these health concerns came to light. What do you do? Do you call in a professional to handle it, or do you take care of it personally? Perhaps you’re considering just leaving it be since the property has been standing for so long and no one’s gotten sick.

The first thing to remember is that asbestos poisoning could take years to develop. Just ask John Panza Jr., who as a child was exposed to asbestos on his father’s clothes, and was diagnosed with mesothelioma, more than 30 years later. Symptoms could take as many as 50 years to develop, so just because you seem fine now, doesn’t mean much in the long run.

Each year, an approximate 2-3000 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma, and about that same number die of asbestos related cancers annually. It’s a killer, and it’s bodycount is still growing, even after the massive cutbacks in its use, or even outright bans in many countries. It does not discriminate, and children may not develop any illnesses until well into adulthood.

If you have asbestos on your property, improper handling could kill you and your loved ones slowly, perhaps even over decades. By calling a professional to take care of the problem, you remove the risk of exposing  yourself, your family and/or your workers to asbestos, and can rest assured that it will be removed and disposed of safely.

Are You Concerned That Your Home Has Asbestos?

If you suspect that you house might have asbestos, you’re going to need professional help. Dealing with asbestos needs to be done properly, and there is no way to cut corners.

At Assurance Environmental Inspection Services, we have helped countless homeowners accurately identify whether they have asbestos, which in turn leads to asbestos removal recommendations.

Our certified asbestos specialists will use state-of-the-art technology to properly detect and identify presumed asbestos containing material in your home, so you can confidently renovate and/or resell your home.  Request a quote, and gain peace of mind (and a healthier home).

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