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Is Your Landlord Hiding Mold Damage?

mould damage

Mold can be a serious issue, and when you are renting, you may not know of the mold-related issues a property has. Some landlords are hesitant to mention the presence of mold, and others may “solve” the problem inadequately — for example, painting over mold with ordinary house paint instead of having it properly removed. Because mold is bad for you and the space you are living in, you need to be alert for signs of mold damage. Here are a few possible indicators that may betray a landlord’s secret:

Bathroom Stains

Probably the most obvious sign of mold is seeing it in your bathroom. Tilex warns that “black stains in your grout or a red stain on your shower curtain” are likely signs of mold growing on those surfaces. You may be able to see stains or mold growth elsewhere in your home as well.


An unpleasant smell in your home could be a sign that your landlord is hiding the presence of mold. According to Mold Blogger, you may not see the mold, as it may be hiding inside the walls, and the smell may not be readily identifiable as mold, but it could be nonetheless.

Moisture and Humidity

Where there is excess moisture, there may be mold. According to, water stains, rust, warped surfaces, “peeling, cracked, bulging, or bubbling” paint, leaks, flooding, dust, humidity and/or condensation, poor ventilation, and other signs of too much moisture in your living space may all be accompanied by a mold issue. Ultimately, these are issues you’ll want to bring up with your landlord even if there is no mold present.

Health Symptoms

Mold can cause subtle and unexpected health symptoms. Mold Blogger says, “If you feel listless, congested, and experience watering eyes while in your home, these can all be signs of the presence of mold.” adds sneezing, coughing, wheezing, red and/or itchy eyes, and skin irritation or rash to the list. Some kinds of mold are dangerous, and you may even have a mold allergy (which can result in asthma attacks!). So if you have these symptoms, it’s important to check the house for mold.

Worried Your Place Has Mold?

If you’re in Toronto, Newmarket, or Barrie and you’re concerned about the possibility of mold in your rental, Assurance Environmental can help discover whether you have a problem. We offer mold and asbestos inspection services.

Contact us for more information about mold inspection and removal.

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