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Why Do I Need to Hire a Professional Mould Inspector?

mould inspectionA mould inspection helps you identify whether that stuff is dust, debris, or mould. Sometimes it’s difficult for the untrained to tell the difference. That’s the first of many reasons you should use a professional mould inspector.


Professionals know where to look for mould, how to stop future mould growth, and how to discern which mold is considered “normal” on lumber and which is a health concern. Second to training, you want your mould inspector to have experience.

As with any type of training, you can only learn so much from books. Some things you have to learn on the job.

A Mould Inspection Will Find The Source of Moisture

It’s not enough to say, “Yes. You have mould.” It’s not even enough to clean the mould you presently have. A true mould inspector will tell you the source of the moisture that’s causing the mould problem and offer suggestions about how to remedy the situation.

They may even return at a later date to confirm that the source of the moisture has been eliminated. Think of mould as a runny nose. You can keep wiping your nose with tissue, or you can treat the cold that’s causing the symptom.

Indoor Air Quality

Mould inspectors are just one piece of the air quality puzzle. There are many things that impact your indoor air quality: pollen, HVAC systems, pets, carpets, humidity levels, etc. If you’re experiencing allergy symptoms and can’t pinpoint why, mould might be the culprit and it might not.

But aside from going to the allergist and being poked with a bunch of needles, the only way to known your indoor allergy triggers is to eliminate as many possibilities as possible and see which one works. You’ll sleep better at night knowing the entire family is breathing easily.

A Mould Inspection Will Protect Your Investment

Any realtor worth their weight in salt will tell you to get a home inspection before you buy. The same holds true for purchasing a building for your business. If you sign on the dotted line before learning the house or office has mould, you will be responsible for the cost of removing the mould.

Depending on how extensive the mould is and what the source of the moisture is, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in mould removal and building reconstruction. Hire a mould inspector before you spend that much money on an investment.

All in all, there are health and financial reasons to get a professional mould inspection.

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